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Ceramic lined travel Tumbler

by xuanwei on March 27, 2021

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R-SiO2 Ceramic Coated

FDA certification: the United States Food and Drug Administration, on the ceramic coated of 64 components of the chemical composition of safety tests, not a toxic substance and heavy metals detected.

Antimicrobial resistance: the use of high-tech anion technology, so that the product radiation anion, effectively prevents mildew and bacteria reproduction, antibacterial effect reached 99.9%; Non-sticking contaminants, clean and sanitary can be used for a long time.

Ceramic Coated Liner Travel Tumbler

Travel Tumbler are great for taking tea or coffee with you on the go but no one wants to taste metal in their coffee from stainless steel and plastic and heat are big no-nos health wise.
Ceramic is great as it doesn't transfer any flavor and it's a pleasure to drink from but purely ceramic Tumbler are fragile, break easily and don't keep your drink warm for very long.
Ceramic lined travel Tumbler combine the best of an insulating stainless steel Tumbler that can keep drinks hot for hours with the best taste of a ceramic Tumbler.

Ceramic Coated Technology Combines The Smooth Feel Of A Ceramic Tumbler With Non-tail vacuum Insulation.
No Metallic Taste Or Odor.

We wondered if you loved your favorite old ceramic coffee mug for reasons more than it boasts ‘Pirates love the booty’ or, if it was because you liked nuking your coffee before you'd even finished your Cheerios so, we did some research.

Turns out that you actually liked the smooth finish of the ceramic and the fact that it didn’t smell like an old penny like that tin camp mug you used as a kid. And you wished it stayed hot longer.
Well, we just made your new favorite, the Series with Ceramic Coated
technology, a smooth ceramic finish to tame your inner savage.

And like every great pirate, you only wanted one cup for tea, water and rum so, this collection serves you long past breakfast. Coffee in the morning, water all day and backyard beers at night, just – Drink. Rinse. And GO. 


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